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“The Torment of Rachel Ames” – Book Review


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Before you go in depth with this post, I just want to specify that it is NOT a makeup related (NMR) article (this does not mean that it is not interesting🤷), it’ll be just me sharing my opinion on this book that I just read. So, if you are a bookworm like me, enjoy! 📚

“The Torment of Rachel Ames” has been given to me by the author himself, Jeff Gunhus, so that I could write a small review about it. When I started the book, I was kind of lost because the story started directly on the main character, Rachel, going to do something that she might regret and many details not concerning the regret. That’s kind of confusing, yes, I know but, I’ll try my best not to spoil you. Before I go on with my thoughts, I want to precise that, even if I got the e-book free, my opinions will be honest. If you are reading this, Mr. Gunhus, I know it’s a hell lot of time to write and get a book out and then, given to people like me 😋, who are going to give some positive but also, some negative feedback. Rest assured, nothing personal, just constructive criticisms, I guess.

Let’s start! So, the first chapter: the way things are described in this book is amazing, you could actually see the scenery build up in your head and also the anticipation of what’s going to come next because the author writes in so much details and uses words and feelings that are very easy to understand. On the other side, you are reading too many details of where Rachel got a gift from, even though, those details do not contribute to the story build-up 💭. What I think is, the story is great and this space could have actually been used for the story itself. The first chapter does not give much of what is going to happen or why is she so scared so I’m going to continue reading…

End of chapter two, well that’s a surprise, it was scary in the beginning and now I think that it might be a romance novel? I do not like to read synopses because I fear that they might spoil me somewhere. Now, I am curious, where is the story actually going? Whatever I am going to write after this line is, after I’ve read all the 20 chapters.

Well, damn! 🤯 The book is really good! It is actually a thriller and has nothing to do with the romance novel I was thinking of. I am sad that the story has only like 300 pages but then I am somebody who loves to read and if I get a good book, I don’t want it to end. The story has so many optics that leaves your mind working after putting the book down. I am sure that if I took 4-5 people to read “The Torment…” and talk about it after finishing it completely, every single person would have given me a different interpretation of the story. And, this is captivating because just realize, the work the author must have gone through!

My rating: 5-star-rating

It is a very good book with good writing and I would advise book-lovers to read it at least once but, believe me, you’ll want to read it a second time because it is so intriguing and you’ll have a different point of view the next time. As for me, I guess I’ll be looking for other books by Jeff 😇

Find the book here on Amazon and the direct link to the author’s website:

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